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The market for private medical insurance is flourishing, more and more people are seeing the benefits of alternative health care, either to supplement or replace services which would otherwise be offered by the NHS. Insufficient provision of services in a timely fashion is one of the major drivers for this change.

Accessing leads within this market was often difficult with dated or inaccurate information being the norm. Other providers would supply data fed from online surveys or outgoing call centre traffic. Data Giant offer a credible alternative, providing up to date, accurate and high performing PMI web leads specific to your requirements.

The Data Giant team are specialists in creating web generated leads using pay per click methodology. The Data Giant team create highly bespoke PPC campaigns which direct individuals searching for private medical insurance to branded landing pages where they are invited to enter their personal information to receive further details creating real time PMI web leads.
This method is highly effective both in terms of accuracy, which, as the individual has entered their own details is second to none also in terms of lead quality. Rather than harvested leads, the contact is directly requested by the individual. The individual’s information can sent directly into your content management system or call centre database in real time ensuring the freshest contacts available.

The Data Giant have considerable experience in digital marketing and work to understand your business as well as your specific requirements to ensure you get the finest data in the business! It’s easy to see why Data Giant are the trusted lead generation partner for many large organisations. Additionally, they guarantee the hot web leads they provide are the highest performing available.

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