Funeral Plan Appointments

Forward planning is forward thinking

There are some important decisions we all should be thinking about making, concerning what happens to each of us at the end of our lives. Many of us do not plan beforehand as we really do not like to think about the issue, however if we do tackle the issue now we can plan for the financial costs associated and not burden others with the responsibility of sorting out our affairs. Additionally, by stating your wishes now you can be rest assured that nothing is left to chance.

PMI Lead Generation

Providing Face-to-Face Funeral Plan Appointments
Alongside our Funeral Plan leads, Data Giant is proud to offer face-to-face Funeral Plan appointments.

Appointments are supplied targeting specific areas of the UK, giving you the ability to request postcode areas that you wish to conduct your appointments in.

With the provision of our face-to-face Funeral Plan appointments, we can take away some of the hard work for you, allowing you to meet potential buyers in person without the need to first source them. These potential customers have been carefully sourced and selected, all stating an interest in purchasing Funeral Plan products.

How Data Giant can help your sales growth

As your trusted media provider, Data Giant can fill your diary with the appointments you desire. Due to the manner in which we match you to your customers, we can be confident in giving you meetings with the potential for very high conversion rates and without the frustration of wasting time chasing dead leads.

Our four step appointment process

Data Giant first begins with a pay-per-click campaign, targeting potential customers that our actively searching for Funeral Plan products. Secondly we engage these individuals, offering them data fields to complete and then given the opportunity to be contacted by us (should they so wish) to further discuss what they are looking for. Our third step is where our highly experienced telemarketing team contact each individual, confirming their identity and intention to meet with a Funeral Plan Provider.

Moving to our final stage, Data Giant now consults your work diary and offers the potential customer a specific time slot for your face-to-face appointment. Once we’ve supplied you with the meeting time, now all that is left for you to do is to be present at the appointment!

Data Giant’s commitment

Data Giant exists to help businesses grow through it’s provision of premium Media & Data. We go to great lengths to assure the quality of the products that we provide and have substantial confidence in our practices. We are a proud DMA member and as such are fully committed to responsible marketing.

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