Design and Social Media Management

Our Design and Social Media Management

Graphic Design

Every day we are exposed to more than five thousand adverts and brands. Ensuring  your organisation stands out from the amount of advertising noise requires professional graphic design and branding services.

The team at Data Giant have more than fifteen years experience designing and delivering professional marketing projects for their clients. Their graphic designers create branding and marketing materials which are professional and effective ensuring that your organisation is properly represented.

The Data Giant team create graphics which clearly represent your organisation, ensuring that your brand is instantly recognisable and can be used across both your online and print based marketing materials. Data Giant understand how important it is to have consistent presentation in order that your brand is always immediately recognisable.

Data Giant know that you need your designs to communicate your message simply and quickly. Their design team will ensure that your sales and marketing are effective and professional.


Data Giant also know that your brand collateral, whether it is online or offline, should always have the highest clarity. with great layouts and clear logos, recognisable and suitable layouts and the highest quality printed materials.


Data Giant understand your professional image is important and they are there every step of the way to ensure it is well represented.

Product Photography

How you display your products online and in your marketing collateral is vital. If you use  ecommerce, the photographs of your products online are the only thing potential customers have to guide their buying decision. If you have a poor photograph, you limit the likelihood of them purchasing from you.


Data Giant can ensure that your product shots have the clarity they require and can be easily viewed on any platform from desktop browsers to mobile devices. Data Giant employ professional photographers who have considerable experience in taking clear product shots which will highlight your products, showing them to the greatest advantage.


Ask the Data Giant team to undertake your product photography and see that difference professionally produced photographs make to your images and your sales figures!


Stationary and Business Cards
You only get once chance to make a first impression, so when you hand over your business card be sure that it is making the right impression for your organisation. Business cards are vital when you are networking as the first and lasting impression to a potential client. Data Giant can create professional business cards with clear and professional layouts and high quality print and card-stock.

In addition, Data Giant can provide all of your company stationery, from letterheads to specialist items. Let them create and manage all of your stationery needs.


Branding and Logos
Your organisation’s brand is the embodiment of your organisation. A professional brand will tell your customers about your business and your professionalism in a single glance. The branding professionals at Data Giant will create a brand which perfectly illustrates your organisation perfectly and can be used effectively across all of your marketing platforms.

The team at Data Giant can help you own your brand, ensuring you have a consistent presentation across all of your marketing collateral both online and in print. Consistency allows your organisation to be recognised wherever you operate, ensuring you have a professional image in all you do.

One of the most vital parts of your branding is your logo. Whether you need a new logo or you wish to update an existing logo the designers at Data Giant can help you. They can provide a simple, yet effective logo which will be instantly recognisable, professional, and representative of your organisation.

Let the Data Giant team take you through the branding process from the development of colour schemes and branding standards to logos and look and feel. It all ensures that your organisation will be professional represented in all of your communications and media.


Design and Print

It doesn’t matter how much of your organisation operates online, there are still times when you need to create professional, paper based products. From posters and flyers to leaflets or even products such as books and greetings cards. The Data Giant team can help you create great looking, cost effective printed items.


Printed products are   much different from on-screen, the Data Giant designers understand the requirements for layout, design, and print, including the complexity of paper types and print styles. From short run, personalised digital prints to large litho runs they can support every print product you require.


The Data Giant team have considerable experience in print design and print buying and can advise you on the best way to design and print your next project. They can ensure that you get the best quality printed goods at the very best price.


Social Media Management
Having your own personal Facebook account is a world away from managing a corporate social media presence. Ensuring that you maintain and manage your organisation across a variety of social platforms can be highly complex.

Many organisations have realised the benefits of social media with its ability to access a massive audience of potential clients. Social media offers one of the most cost effective forms of advertising and promotion. Across the UK many millions of people turn to social media every day and many purchasing decisions are made using this media.


If you don’t use social media effectively, you are losing out on a massive opportunity. Worse still if you fail to manage your social media presence badly you can create major issues appearing to be unresponsive to potential customers or posting content which can cause negative reactions.


Data Giant can help you navigate the complexities of social media. Their team of social media managers can ensure that you are always presenting your organisation professionally. In addition, they can create powerful advertising campaigns at a fraction of the cost of traditional techniques.

Let the team at Data Giant let you get on with your day job while you can be sure that your social media presence is being managed effectively allowing you to maximise potential sales from this vital resource.

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