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Household bills are a major concern with rising energy costs meaning that the average household spends over £1,000 per year for gas and electricity. Associated with this is the cost of boiler breakdowns. Older boilers are more likely to fail leaving consumers with an average repair cost of at least £300 or the news that their boiler is obsolete. The solution for many is to replace their aging and inefficient boiler with a new model. Data Giant can give you direct access to consumers who are looking for replacement boilers.

The government introduced the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) in 2013 and has helped millions of lower income households to replace their old and inefficient boilers. Data Giant use targeted online advertising to direct users who are searching for boiler grants to tailored landing pages where they can input their details. For households who are not eligible for an ECO grant Data Giant create campaigns to capture individuals searching for boiler finance schemes.
The benefit of using Data Giant is you will receive highly converting, self-generated leads directly into your data system in real time. Unlike leads from other suppliers, these are highly targeted and represent real potential customers who are actively seeking your services. The Data Giant team are the industry leading specialists with years of experience creating powerful campaigns which deliver results.

Let our team of data professionals work with you to create a bespoke campaign with a guarantee that our data is accurate, relevant, up to date and delivers sales! You will see why our clients say our data is the best in the industry.

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