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Minimalism & it’s implementation in web design

If you take one look at the most visited website in the world, Google, you’ll see minimalism used to striking effect. A bold, simple, geometric sans-serif typeface for the letters that form the ubiquitous logo, set atop the stark white emptiness of the  page – this is minimalism and it’s powerful.

Minimalism is deceptive, to the layperson it may look incredibly easy. Implementing it successfully can actually take a lot of hard work with design elements being meticulously considered and measured against each other. It’s about forcing emphasis where you wish it to be by removing all that is superfluous.

Key considerations for a clean design

Here are some rules concerned with minimalist layout and design;

  • Use as few fonts as possible and where you do use more than one, ensure they compliment each other.
  • Reduce your colour palette.
  • Break your design down to as few functioning elements as possible.
  • Use grids & symmetry in your layouts
  • One image can potentially convey more information than hundreds of words.

Minimalism isn’t a fashion trend, there are clear advantages of a clean design;

  • You can deliver your message more clearly
  • Your website will load faster reducing its bounce rate
  • Minimalist websites are more responsive
  • They are easier for the user to navigate

Infinite scrolling – to use or not to use

The term infinite scrolling relates to websites that have a continual feed, loading more and more content the further down a page the user scrolls. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all employ infinite scrolling and its use is appropriate for social media as their feeds generally have a large amount of short entries that users visually select at a quick glance, consuming a particular content bite before scrolling on. Users spend much more time on one particular page and are fed more content than they may otherwise be.

SEO and the Infinite scroll

It is worth bearing in mind that your SEO may be harmed if you do choose to infinite scroll. Search engines have a harder time crawling your site and it’s difficult to bookmark listings as you have no fixed locations. And as it’s only a single page that means you only have one set of Meta descriptions to allocate to it.

The bottom line is to think carefully about the potential ramifications of infinite scrolling before you decide to jump on the bandwagon.

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