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You represent an ambitious organisation who has the desire to grow and the life blood of this growth is a regular stream of new potential customers. In the past this would have meant approaching a supplier of data who would have sourced leads via surveys and cold calling. It represented individuals who may express an interest in the sort of products and services your organisation offers but with no guarantee that they will close a sale.

In some cases you may find that the data which had been supplied was dated or had been used by other organisations, worse still you may find yourself using data which had not been collected legally.

What was required was a way for individuals to come directly to you, specifically requesting the products or services you offer. Previously this would not have been easily possible beyond traditional marketing and advertising, however now, with the use of powerful online techniques you can find a way for your potential customers to come to you.

Over 90% of individuals now base major purchasing decisions on internet searches, and this is a statistic which will only increase. Using Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques we can intercept these searches and present potential customers with targeted landing pages where they will willingly share their information.

Our team of PPC and SEO professionals work to understand your requirements and will then develop PPC campaigns to specifically target those individuals you require. As they complete their searches, they will be presented with sponsored links to a bespoke landing page where they can complete their details to request further information. These are highly qualified leads which are delivered direct to you in real time, an almost unlimited source of hot leads.

Rather than the very generic information presented by traditional data you have access to individuals who actively want to be contacted and who are ready to close a sale. The data is automatically transferred to your content management system so that your sales teams can work seamlessly with a source of high quality, high performing leads.

The Data Giant team can support you to move from your existing provider to our market leading web based leads solution. Our team have many years of experience in marketing and sales support and have considerable track record in supporting organisations to get the sales they deserve. Our team will discuss your business requirements before developing bespoke campaigns to directly target your potential customers.

The Data Giant specialists can create direct links from the tailored landing pages to your sales management systems to ensure you receive a constant flow of high quality leads. Our sales and marketing specialists can provide advice and support for all aspects of your business.

Speak with one of the Data Giant team today to find out more.

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