Tired of marketing solutions that don’t always deliver? Enter Big Data!

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The Usual Suspects

Have you been relying on tired marketing methods – word of mouth, social media campaigns, or lead magnets to try and build your list and bring in new custom? Have you been overwhelmed by all the other ‘clever’ options out there that promise a lot but don’t get you the results you’re looking for?

A Better Way?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could hone in on and target the exact people who are looking for your products or services… right now? Or, even better; if you could contact the very people who are looking for someone just like you, with a business like yours, to make a purchase immediately, or begin partnering with on their latest project straight away?

How can ‘Big Data’ help you?

The marketing methods listed above can be very useful, especially as they are either free or relatively cheap but the downside is they can be very hit and miss.

Word of mouth is an age-old, tried and tested method of bringing in custom but it is hard to control or measure.

Social media campaigns although easily measurable, are also hard to control and may or may not reach those who you most want to become your customer. Lead magnets draw people in and bait many to bag the free gift you’re offering but the subscribers may not actually be ready to buy from you or purchase your services right now which is when you know you really want to be engaging them.

The Next Best Thing to Good Ol’ Shop Front Dialogue

When you are running an online or virtual business, you do not have the luxury of seeing who has come in through your shop door and assessing how ready the customer is to buy your product or service. Buying lists of Data may just be the closest you can get to this scenario in a business that doesn’t operate in a physical premises, with a shop door for people to stroll through.

5 Benefits of Big Data To Your Company

Full opt-in data – Lists that consist of warm and hot leads, which are people that have already expressed a firm interest in the product or service that you are selling
95% delivery rates – Accurate information that delivers nearly every time to help you bridge the gap between you and your potential customer
Targeted, personalised messages – All contact details provided in the lists will lead you straight to a hungry customer. No more throwing your net wide and hoping you catch something
No hard sell necessary – You don’t need to pull out the manipulation tactics for people on these lists because they are already looking for you. You can just focus on what matters most – seeing if you are a fit for partnering with each other
Cost-Effectiveness – Lists are relatively cheap compared to other marketing methods and you only need 1 or 2 leads to convert into a sale to cover the cost of your investment.
But where do you go to find quality Data like this?

Not all Data is created equal! As with any area, there are companies out there that are not concerned with providing quality and will be happy to sell you poor quality leads just to make a quick buck. They suck you in with low prices, only for you to find out that the Data you get is second rate, or even illegally obtained.

So, how do you find a source of leads that will give you what you need?

Enter Data Giant

With over 15 years of achieving excellence in Data provision, Data Giant can claim vast experience in direct marketing and the highest level of expertise in providing the best Data available to customers of all areas of business. If you have a need for quality, legal Data, we can source it for you, having some of the best Data in the world at our fingertips.

Whether it’s Data for business-to-customer, business-to-business, or consumer & online market places that you are looking for, we can help. The beauty of our approach is that we can tailor the Data to your needs! Whether you want a general list or highly specialised Data, we have the drive and experience to deliver what you need.

If you are ready to take your marketing strategy to the next level or simply want to find out more about how we can help, visit www.data-giant.com where you can find out more about us. We are always happy to chat through ideas and see how we can help so please drop us a line if you want to discuss partnering together to grow your business. We look forward to meeting you!

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