Think Big! – The power of direct marketing using ‘Big Data’

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What is ‘Big Data?’

Imagine being able to directly contact potential customers who were both keen to hear from you and were receptive to your offering. In fact, you catch them just at the right time for them to purchase from you.

This is the power of Big Data, the direct contact details of a group of individuals who specifically need your product or service. For example, you could target individuals who were reaching the end of their energy or mobile phone contracts and need to find a new supplier or people who have applied for loans but have been rejected and so need an alternative.

Big data is the power to write an email or letter, make a phone call or even a text message to your new customers. With massive 95% guaranteed delivery rates, full ‘opt-in’ data and a wide selection of available data including.

Email Data
Introducing Data Giant

To experience the power of Big Data you need to contact the specialists. The Data Giant are marketing experts who specialise in the provision of data for on-line and offline marketing activities. Understanding the role direct mail can play within every business, they looked to reinvent the way to work with data. Data Giant are not tied to a single data provider, they work with a number of approved providers enabling them to deliver the widest range of quality data in the UK.

Built on many years of experience, they provide a full service marketing solution, the professional team can advise you on the best way to target your potential audience. Data Giant understand data and can find the most relevant data list filtered to create the highest return on investment.

Data Giant work hard to ensure that all the data we offer is fully opt-in meaning that the individuals have agreed to allow relevant marketing. In addition, they regularly update and cleanse the data. It means you can always be safe in the knowledge that, any data supplied is correct, up to date and fully legal.

Data Giant are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and offer a guarantee for any data we provide.


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