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If you are considering a direct mail campaign as part of your marketing strategy you need to ensure you have the right data. All too often campaigns fail to achieve the expected return on investment because of poor data. When you are building a campaign you will no doubt spend time on the branding, content and target demographic, however if you fail to select the correct data lists you are potentially wasting time and money.

Great campaigns are built on the most relevant data from a reputable provider. The risk is that, by selecting the wrong data you will doom the project. Some of the most common issues are:

Overused data – cheaper lists are often resold many times, so by the time your campaign is delivered the audience has been bombarded with countless other direct mail items.
Illegal lists – unless the data is ‘opt-in’, meaning that the individuals have given permission for its use. Using such a list for your mailing will lead you to bad press as a potential ‘spammer’ and worse the risk of heavy fines.
Data lists with missing fields – does the list you wish to use have all the fields you require? Including full name, address and mobile phone numbers as well as email address.

In addition, you need to ask if your list provider can supply you with the most relevant data. With an effective direct mail campaign you want to be able to strictly target your potential clients directly so you know that you are engaging with an interested audience.
Introducing Data Giant?

Data Giant are marketing experts who specialise in the provision of data for on-line and offline marketing activities. Unlike many other suppliers they are not tied to one data provider but instead have a number of approved providers. This allows them to provide one of the widest selections of data lists in the market, including:

B2B Data

Data Giant have access to the UK’s largest databases with named contacts in a variety of job roles and industry sectors. With a 98% guaranteed delivery rate in some cases.

Consumer Data

Data Giant have access to a number of databases and can create data cubes which allow data filters on a diverse range of areas including: wealth, age, betting, charity donation, credit cards held, eating out, family details, finance, gender, health, hobbies and many more.

Global Data

Data Giant are not limited to data from the UK and can access comprehensive databases worldwide. Contact us to discover how we can provide trusted data for you

Telecoms Data

Data Giant source the latest data related to landline and mobile telephone contracts. Our data, updated daily, provides information on contract renewals. It is invaluable to contacts prior to them deciding on a new telecoms contract and allowing you to target potential customers before your competition.

Utility data

Data Giant can provide live energy contract end-date data, allowing you contact potential customers before their energy contract ends.

Built on many years of experience, Data Giant can provide a full service marketing solution, our professional team can advise you on the best way to target your potential audience. They understand data and can find the most relevant data list filtered to create the highest return on investment. They are the data suppliers that you can trust!


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