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Imagine you are looking to find people of a specific age, who are directors of their own companies, they regularly purchase wine and donate to charity. Maybe instead, you need to find individuals who have applied for a loan England but were turned down and are actively looking for new loan providers. You may feel that these examples are too specific, but it shows the versatility and variety of data available for you to market your products to.

Trying to do this via other means is an inaccurate science, whereas you can be selective with pay per click, you depend on customers finding you, big data will allow you to create a selection of up to date and highly relevant individuals who have opted in to receive marketing information.

The data is gathered from surveys and utility providers meaning that you have the opportunity to be highly selective from Sky television viewers to individuals who are reaching the end of their mobile phone contract. It doesn’t matter what industry you are working within, there are data sets which cover the information you require, the range includes:

Email Data

Selecting the correct data provider

It is vital that you select the correct data provider, you do not want to be accused of ‘spamming’ potential customers by using illegally obtained data or to be using a tired list overused by many clients.

You need to select a provider who has access to a diversity of data providers to give you variety of data that you require across many millions of records. Ensure they are ICO registered, showing that they provide only legal data. This is where you need to speak with The Data Giant.

Who are Data Giant?

Data Giant are marketing experts who specialise in the provision of data for on-line and offline marketing activities. Understanding the role direct mail can play within every business, they looked to reinvent the way to work with data. They are not tied to a single data provider, they have numerous approved providers enabling them to deliver the widest range of quality data in the UK.

Built on many years of experience, they can provide a full service marketing solution, our professional team can advise you on the best way to target your potential audience. They understand data and can find the most relevant data list filtered to create the highest return on investment and are so confident in the quality of they guarantee their delivery rates in excess of 90% for B2C and in some cases over 98% for B2B.

Phone: 07807 342239


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