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Imagine being able to directly contact potential customers who need your products or services. Being able to select a quantifiable list of individuals who were keen to hear from you and were immediately receptive to your offering.

This is the power of ‘Big Data’ – full contact details for individuals and business contacts who want to hear from you, in this situation, you are no longer waiting for a customer to search for you, instead you select the specific target group you wish to engage with and send them a direct proposition highly relevant to their needs. Made possible with the variety of high quality data available from a provider like Data Giant, Big Data which includes:

B2B – up to 2 million named individuals in specific job roles
B2C – a range of data from wealth and demographic information to hobbies, and charitable giving
Financial – debt and loan information, insurance and other financial products
Telecoms – mobile and land line contract renewals
Data Giant work with approved data providers to bring you a variety of consumer and B2B data, all guaranteed to be 100% opt-in, fresh and regularly updated. Our data allows you to select specific target groups and know, before you start a campaign both exactly how many potential leads you will be approaching and that they have needs directly relevant to your requirements. So if, for example, you want to target individuals who have a mobile phone contract up for renewal who are also affluent have certain hobbies and regularly give to charity this is easily possible. The range of data can be specific such as individuals who have applied for loans but been rejected or general filtering on age, region, marital status or even if they are company directors.

Data Giant – Part of The Giant Brand

Data Giant is the data and lead management agency within The GIant Brand, a full-service on-line and offline marketing agency. Data Giant are marketing experts who specialise in the provision of data for on-line and offline marketing activities. Understanding the role direct mail can play within every business, they looked to reinvent the way agencies work with data, no longer tied to a single data provider, they work with numerous approved providers enabling them to deliver the widest variety of quality data in the UK.

Built on many years of experience, Data Giant’s professional team can advise you on the best way to target your potential audience. They understand data and can find the most relevant data list filtered to create the highest return on investment.

Data Giant are so confident in the quality of our data they guarantee delivery rates in excess of 90% for B2C and over 98% for B2B.

Legal, up to date, assured

The last thing you need is to be accused of ‘spamming’ potential customers, Data Giant work hard to ensure that all the data offered is fully opt-in meaning that the individuals have agreed to allow relevant marketing. In addition, the data is regularly updated and cleansed. It means you can always be safe in the knowledge that, any data supplied is correct, up to date and fully legal.

Data Giant are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and offer a guarantee for any data they provide.

Contact Data Giant today to get a free, no obligation quote. sales@data-giant.com

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