Data vs. PPC – It’s time to properly target your on-line marketing

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You are looking at running an on-line marketing campaign and need to get the highest return on your investment. The question is, do you immediately reach for pay per click (PPC) advertising to meet your requirements? Perhaps you should look at the alternatives which are available to you.

There is no doubt that PPC is an effective advertising technique, you select the highest rated keywords for your campaign based on analysis provided by the search engine provider. Once you have selected your parameters you will be charged a set amount for every user who follows your advertisement placed at the top of their search results.

Of course you can set a budget and you have the analysis which gives you a ‘best guess’ for potential traffic, however this is a somewhat inexact science. Your potential customer must both view and respond to your advert before they see your proposition. It is true they have searched for a series of key phrases, but apart from this you have no idea who these individuals are or what they are looking for.

The most credible alternative is use of data for direct mailing – in this situation, no longer are you waiting for a customer to search for you, instead you can select the specific target group you wish to engage with and send them a direct proposition highly relevant to their needs. This is possible because of the variety of high quality data available from a provider such as Data Giant.

Data Giant work with a range of approved data providers to bring you a variety of consumer and B2B data, all guaranteed to be 100% opt-in, fresh and regularly updated. Their data can allow you to select specific target groups and know, before you start a campaign both exactly how many potential leads you will be approaching and that they have needs directly relevant to your requirements.

Data allows you to select a highly defined customer group, so if, for example, you want to target individuals who have a mobile phone contract up for renewal who are also affluent have certain hobbies and regularly give to charity this is easily possible. The range of data can be specific such as individuals who have applied for loans but been rejected or general filtering on age, region, marital status or even if they are company directors.

Specific data allows you to directly approach individuals who will be more responsive to your proposition and you have an opportunity to contact them in the most effective way with full contact details including email, phone and address.

You will find that you will have a considerably higher conversion rate with a considerably smaller cost per lead. It is the difference between speculative ‘possibly interested’ individuals to highly directed relevant potential customers.

Data Giant can provide you with the data you need and are proud to be run by highly experienced sales & marketing professionals with over 15 years in helping businesses over achieve on their marketing aims – with specialist knowledge in the sales process, closing down leads, opening doors and building business profit, Data Giant sells and offers only the best data and media solutions.

Our first line of business is the provision of the highest quality, legal data. We pride ourselves in providing data of the highest quality and of course legal. Don’t be caught out by providers who offer you cheap data, only to realise it is from the black illegal market. As ICO registered data providers you can be sure that the data you obtain from Data Giant is legally obtained ‘opt-in’ content.

As well as Data provision, Data Giant can also supply telemarketing, appointment setting & lead generation services providing you with a truly one stop shop for all your sales needs. They have teams in place to support lead generation activities, call centre operations and appointment setting.

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