Micro targeting – using data to find ‘just’ the potential customers you require

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There are times when big data gets a bad name, we have all had far too many Spam emails offering products we really don’t want or need. It is for this reason that some people can get a bit sniffy about email marketing, however when you understand what is available you will find that the reality is far removed from the ghosts of the past.

You may be surprised by the range and type of data available, for example if you were a mobile phone provider you can obtain lists including mobile contract renewal information which contains full contact information. This could allow you to approach potential customers just as their contract comes to an end and before their current supplier.

With consumer data you could select by age range, wealth and even hobbies, again allowing you to create a target list totally specific to your requirements and, most importantly, potential leads who will be interested in purchasing your products or services.

Of course you need to be careful with your provider, ensuring that not only is the data ‘opt-in’ (meaning that the consumer has opted to allow their data for relevant marketing) and it is up to date.

This is where Data Giant can help you, they have considerable experience and, unlike providers who only have access to single lists, they have various approved providers who so that they can find exactly what data you need to get the highest return. They guarantee the data they provide is not only 100% opt-in, but is also fresh with regular updates to ensure the customers you target are relevant

In addition to consumer data, Data Giant has access to over 2 million companies with full contact details for key decision makers as well as detailed company information allowing you to fully tailor your campaign.

The company is proud to be run by highly experienced sales & marketing professionals with over 15 years in helping businesses over achieve on their marketing aims – with specialist knowledge in the sales process, closing down leads, opening doors and building business profit, Data Giant sells and offers only the best data and media solutions.

Our first line of business is the provision of the highest quality, legal data. We pride ourselves in providing data of the highest quality and of course legal. Don’t be caught out by providers who offer you cheap data, only to realise it is from the black illegal market. As ICO registered data providers you can be sure that the data you obtain from Data Giant is legally obtained ‘opt-in’ content.

As well as Data provision, Data Giant can also supply telemarketing, appointment setting & lead generation services providing you with a truly one stop shop for all your sales needs. They have teams in place to support lead generation activities, call centre operations and appointment setting.

Contact Data Giant for a free, no obligation quote: sales@data-giant.com


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