B2B Finance Leads

Our B2B Finance Leads

Small businesses create over £1 trillion turnover for the UK, they are the lifeblood of our economy, however even the most efficient business can have cash flow issues or need additional funding to enable growth. Data Giant are specialists in bringing together organisations who need business lending with you as a business finance broker. We can supply you with high performing leads to provide the new business you require.

Data Giant are the UK’s leading provider of business loans web leads for the business finance sector. Our team of specialists have many years of experience in delivering leads which they can personally guarantee will perform and deliver the sales figures you require.

The Data Giant Method For Success

Unlike some other providers, we only deliver real, fresh business loan leads generated directly from individuals specifically looking for business finance. Our technical professionals develop highly targeted campaigns using search engine optimisation and pay per click technologies. This allows us to direct individuals searching for business finance leads to branded funnel sites.
Individuals are invited to enter their own personal details, opting in to ensure full compliance with GDPR. The web forms include qualifying questions to allow you to segment the leads and deal with them in the most efficient way.

Data is provided either directly from our web forms into your dialler in real time for instant use or can be downloaded from our secure web server where you can easily request and download leads for use on an on demand basis.

Data Giant The Leaders in Business Development

Whereas many other companies will tell you they can deliver effective business loan leads, Data Giant can actually deliver. Try us out and take the hassle out of your next campaign and use a provider who delivers what they promise!

Data Giant have many years of experience in delivering high quality web leads and many organisations who rely on our services to bring them the stream of effective leads that they need to grow their businesses.

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